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September 06, 2021

Interning At ReAlta: An Intern’s Perspective

A note from a recent intern working in ReAlta’s Business Operations department: 

When I came into this internship, my knowledge of the biotech/pharma field was extremely limited. The valuable tools and knowledge that I have been given through my interactions with the ReAlta team has helped me with my professional planning. Throughout my internship, I was involved in many different aspects of the company, spanning departments such as marketing, business operations, and HR. I always felt that the managers and teammates I worked alongside were always very willing and enthusiastic to educate me about the industry, and it is something I will forever appreciate. I was given the opportunity to make valuable contributions to the company and help to shape the future bit by bit. My breadth of knowledge about the industry is now much more expansive and has influenced my career planning. I highly recommend this internship to anyone that has a desire to break into the biotech/pharmaceutical industry.

One of the things that struck me the most about this internship is the fact that I truly felt like I was part of the team and that the projects I was assisting on were important. I feel like many internship programs fall victim to assigning busy work. At ReAlta, I felt like I was making valuable contributions towards the company’s corporate goals and worked directly on things that had an impact on the company’s future.

I also appreciated the focus the management team maintained on my training despite being in such a junior position. It was clear there was a lot of effort placed into ensuring I was truly learning something. My questions were frequently met with enthusiasm and gave me plenty of opportunities for exposure and growth.

Overall, I am extremely grateful for my time spent interning at ReAlta and could not have asked for a better experience.


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