Our Science

ReAlta’s PIC1 Platform

A New Drug Class

The ReAlta technology platform, termed “PIC1”, is a family of over 75 engineered peptides. This platform is uniquely multi-modal, with:

  • Complement Inhibition +
  • MPO Inhibition +
  • NETosis Inhibition +
  • Antioxidant Activity +
  • Antimicrobial Activity +

...and SAFE

Lab and animal research show this platform has the potential to provide game-changing therapy for over 25 unmet or under-addressed medical needs.


Excellent Safety Profile

PIC1 appears to have an excellent safety profile. In toxicity testing thus far, over 500 rat pups have been treated with large doses of PIC1 without side effects. PIC1 also possesses intrinsic anti-microbial properties.

Scientific Review and Support

The PIC1 platform has had widespread scientific review and support. Scientists conducting research on PIC1 capabilities have published 18 peer-reviewed and indexed studies. Grant funding supported development of PIC1 has been awarded by a number of sources, including the NIH, National Multiple Sclerosis Foundation, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and the Commonwealth Transfusion Foundation.