John Baldoni, PhD

Baldoni Bio


Dr. Baldoni has over 43 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, including 29 years at GSK R&D and 11 years on GSK’s Executive Leadership Team as SVP of Platform Technology and Science. Dr. Baldoni’s Platform Technology and Science team supported the development of small molecules, biopharmaceuticals and cell and gene therapy modalities from discovery through commercialization. Dr. Baldoni stepped away from that leadership role in 2017 to start the first AI-driven drug discovery unit at GSK. After retiring from GSK in 2019, he spent a year as the Chief Technology Officer of a stealth AI-enabled drug discovery startup.  Dr. Baldoni conceptualized and serves as the CEO of the non-profit ATOM Research Alliance (ARA), an open membership public/private partnership organization utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning approaches to expedite drug discovery for public benefit. John was also the first Chair of the Executive Committee of the Alliance for Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare, an organization formed to foster improved healthcare by responsible investment, invention, and innovation in artificial intelligence. In addition, Dr. Baldoni is an independent consultant, whose clients include emerging, cutting-edge drug and diagnostic healthcare companies and established companies seeking new strategic direction. Dr. Baldoni has participated in the research and development of scores of commercial products and is a proponent of seeking, integrating, and implementing innovative approaches to drug discovery and development.  Dr. Baldoni received his PhD in biological chemistry from Penn State University in 1980.

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