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A complement-mediated rat xenotransfusion model of platelet refractoriness


Background: Platelet refractoriness remains a challenging clinical dilemma although significant advancements have been made in identifying human leukocyte antigen (HLA) matched or HLA compatible units. Antiplatelet antibodies are the major risk factor for immune-mediated platelet refractoriness, yet the role of antibody-initiated complement-mediated platelet destruction remains poorly understood.

Study design and methods: Human complement-mediated opsonization and killing of platelets was assayed ex vivo using antibody-sensitized human platelets incubated with complement-sufficient human sera. A new animal model of platelet refractoriness utilizing Wistar rats transfused with human platelets is described.

Results: Human platelets sensitized with anti-platelet antibodies were rapidly opsonized with iC3b upon incubation in human sera. This opsonization could be completely blocked with a classical pathway complement inhibitor, PA-dPEG24. Complement activation decreased platelet viability, which was also reversible with complement inhibitor PA-dPEG24. A new rat model of platelet refractoriness was developed that demonstrated some platelet removal from the blood stream was complement mediated.

Conclusions: Complement activation initiated by anti-platelet antibodies leads to complement opsonization and decreased platelet viability. A new rat model of platelet refractoriness was developed that adds a new tool for elucidating the mechanisms of platelet refractoriness.

Keywords: Complement; PIC1; Platelet refractoriness.

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